Design your Kitchen using Google SketchUp

Design your Kitchen using Google SketchUp


At Palo Arte Woodworks we have a long term experience in working with SketchUp to render products. We would like to offer our knowledge and render a sketch for you, based on your own given measurements of the room.

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Attach your Sketch, Drawing or Architectural rendering file.

This afternoon I found a very useful link over Google Search Network—that was the link for Google SketchUp lessons at Go 2 School ( website.

In this lessons you may learn some very useful information on how to easily design your kitchen—add walls, cabinets, components, appliances, and so forth—in a few steps. That is, of course, if you’re passionate about the best corner of your house—the Kitchen :)

I hope this find will help you go over with details and hopefully it will provide just enough information to get started with the Kitchen Cabinetry project.

As always, should you have a question to a professional cabinet maker—that is yours truly—then please feel free and contact me at your convenience.