a recommendation letter

To All Folks,

Jake Gevorgian is not only the finest craftsman I have ever known but the most flexible, sensitive, and dazzling. He has superb aesthetic sense, can work with any materials (and any space), and is a warm and witty presence to boot.
If you have questions, please contact me at kincaid@usc.edu.
All best,

— James R. Kincaid

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Architectural Rendering Services

Palo Arte is known as a woodworking company specialized in special cabinetry and millwork. With this knowledge, we are now offering 3D rendering service for all interested parties—that is Residential clientele, Architects and Interior Designers who have needs for Detailed Renderings of their works and Entrepreneurs. To purchase our Rendering Service please fill the form below. […]

Modern Kitchen in Los Angeles

  Modern and Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets have been a major part in our woodworking project. This a preview of Contemporary living in West Hollywood, California. Designed by Gustavo Zinkewich at Zu+ Architects. .

Imagine an Artist drawing…

Imagine an Artist drawing the foregoing. Imagine You drawing the foregoing. Just like we promised you to keep updated with our latest projects, today we are making our promise by presenting you few span shots of one of our completed projects. These Kitchen Cabinets are uniquely made for a client who found us through another […]

Custom Dovetail Drawer Boxes

At Palo Arte we never stop our productive creativity. This time again we are presenting you a new type of a product—custom made dovetailed drawer box that will fit in your kitchen cabinet and/or any cabinet, for example bathroom vanity cabinet, cabinets of your walk-in closet, garage cabinetry, entertainment center and simply anywhere that you […]